Saturday, January 16, 2010

True rest day

Finally, a day off. But I was still in gym today, which cracks me up. Had to pick up a key to the building for some future helping out activities, plus I got to check out the raw materials for my benchmark WOD whiteboard project! I have never been so excited about an 8' by 4' by 1/8'' piece of tile board. :)

If I had heard about The Garage Games sooner, I may have wavered in my idea for our anniversary weekend: stay at a fancy-schmancy B&B on Tybee Island and run the Tybee Critz 1/2 Marathon. They have a "beginner" class for the competition, and I feel like I could actually hold my own on any strength WODs. No comment on running-centric WODs... By the time next year rolls around, hopefully I will be too good for the beginner class, and can be competitive in the intermediate class. :)

After searching out as many blogs of female CrossFitters as I could over the past several weeks (check out the "Blogs" list in the sidebar), and as a result reading a lot of PRs for different women, I am feeling even more determined to get my deadlift PR into the 200s.

To accomplish that, I'm thinking about the CrossFit Whole9 (formerly 603) PTP program. It's about 3 weeks long, which takes me up to the half-marathon very nicely. I think it might be interesting to pair the PTP with some additional running. Nothing super-high mileage, just more running than I've been doing. Which is not much, aside from a few 400's here and there.

I also wanted to make some witty comments about this blog post about a woman's pullup journey, but didn't have time. Posting the link anyway.

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