Tuesday, January 19, 2010

PFT #1

Well, husband and I did the PFT today. I am feeling a bit embarrassed by my score. I should've stayed on the bar longer for the flexed-arm hang. I also should've practiced that so it wasn't my first time doing it in a very long time. :)

3 mile run: 25:30 = 73pts
Flexed arm hang: 33 seconds (booooo!) = 33pts
Situps in 2mins: 74 = 74 pts

Total: 180 (points calculated w/ chart here)

That puts me in 2nd class status for a 28-year-old female.

For my next test, which I'll do in about a month, I'd like to do the run in under 25 minutes, hang for at least 40 seconds, and do at least 80 situps. Ideally my next score will be 200 or higher! :)

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