Sunday, January 31, 2010

Running in circles

Since I missed the Mud Run training at the box yesterday due to my makeup WOD taking an hour (OMG!), today husband and I did our own version of the "Dyer" WOD that Joe put everybody through. It's supposed to be a team WOD, but we just did it individually. We also had to skip the pullups because there isn't a pullup bar near the track. Boooooo for Navy bases. A Marine base would've had a dozen.

For time:
400m run to finish each round
Result:  28:12

I think I was running kinda slow. Yikes.

But I found it easy to get all of my pushups in a row, and on my toes with good range of motion -- woot! Just a little work on pushups goes a long way.

That convinces me to get pushups into all of my warmups when I'm coaching WODs. I read in a CF Journal article (need to find the exact source) that body weight / gymnastics exercises are tolerated at much higher reps than weightlifting exercises. And it's also true that the more you do them, the better you get at them.

On the way home from the gym I was talking to husband about how strong I am getting. It wasn't that long ago that I was frustrated going to the base gym because I didn't have my own bands, and couldn't do pullups there. This time I found a great spot to do my pullups -- on a squat rack, just had to remove the bar. And I got up there and kipped -- and muscled up the last couple inches -- 30 pullups to finish out my workout.

It made me feel really proud to be in there doing pullups -- you don't often see women able to do them. Many guys in there use the Gravitron.

During our conversation, husband made a good point -- it makes sense that I'm progressing so rapidly, when you consider that 2 1/2 months ago, I was basically wearing a 20lb weight vest.

As of today, I've lost 18.6 pounds since I started doing weigh-ins in August, which coincided with me re-starting at CF Camden. About 1 month into being back to CrossFit I started eating Paleo. I credit Paleo and 3-on-1-off WODs with how quickly I've been able to take weight off -- I even lost 4 pounds over the Christmas holidays when I wasn't even at home.

I'm no longer focused on weight loss, since I fit back into my clothes again, but it seems to still be coming off. I'm interested to see where I end up. I'm also curious if my PR's in some of the Olympic lifts will suffer if my weight drops -- from things I've read, a higher bodyweight seems to help translate into heavier lifts for things like deadlifts and squats. We shall see!

It's just a really nice feeling to look back and see how far I've come in just a short time. And in another 2 months I'll officially be CrossFit Level I certified! Hollah! :-D

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