Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Squat cleans (135/95)
Ring dips

Results: 23:38 - 95#, band assist on dips

I really need to work on dips. Add that to the list of 20 other movements that I'm weak on. I started out with the floss, and made it to about 11, I think? Then I used two flosses together to finish out 21. Next round I started out with 1 floss, couldn't get any dips, set up 2 flosses together, did 3-4 dips, and then gave one band up to somebody who was actually moving through the WOD quickly. heh Finished up the set of 15 with the black band. Did all of 3 round with the black band.

I think while traveling I will carry my bands with me so I know what the heck I'm doing. Though really the problem was that I didn't realize I should be going in the first group. If I had I would've spent some time messing around with the bands ahead of time. Oh well!

Overall, I'm pleased with this WOD. But it makes me giggle to see that Aimee did it in 9:27. My next goal will be to do unassisted ring dips, or at least all dips with the floss. After that I hope I can go sub-20.

It's nice to add another girl to my sidebar. :)

It was also nice to get four WODs in at CF KoP. I'll miss seeing you guys until our next trip up north!

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  1. I did this work out last Thursday. My trainer has taken away the stop watch for a couple of weeks so she can really work with us on technique. I actually did cleans because I messed up my knee a bit and back squats would have destroyed what healing had taken place.

    This work out was my first time doing ring dips and not to sound puffy but I SPANKED 'em. I was assisted with a band but I actually felt like I did something well the first time!!

    Anyways, I liked this work out too. :)


    p.s. Wish you could always work out at KoP - you seem much happier there.