Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Running with balls

Yeah, the workout today looked as goofy as that title sounds.

WOD: For time.

3 rounds:
  • 400m run with med ball (20/14lb)
  • 20 overhead squats (95/65)
Results: 17:??

I substituted front squats for the OHS, and did 75# to try to make it "fair". I think the substitution was pretty good because I finished just 20 or 30 seconds faster than the two people who work out at 630, and that's typical.

The mood in the gym today was just very "eh". No one was encouraging anyone else, several people had iPods and headphones. And that just made me feel really grrrrrrrrrrrrr. I am in love with the community aspect of CrossFit, and crave that experience at our gym. It just isn't there on some days.

I worked on my frog stand and head stand after the workout. Then two people were doing hand stands and hand stand pushups after I cleared out from the mat. And that pissed me off because I'm not there with that skill yet. ARGHHHHHH!!! Yet another goal -- stop comparing yourself to others so much!

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