Monday, December 14, 2009

Lift, pull, run

WOD:  3 rounds for time of:

  • 15 deadlifts (225lbs/135)
  • 15 weighted pull ups (40lbs/20)
  • 400m run
Results:  29:48 -- 135 deadlifts, mixture of kip and band pullups

The approach for pullups was to attempt kipping pullups at the start of each round, do as many of those as possible, then switch to the tiniest band. Yeah, the one that literally looks like a rubber band. It seems like it wouldn't help when you look at it, but it totally does. Guess that means I'm "thisclose" to switching completely to kipping pullups.

Anyway, round 1 I did 1 pullup, round 2 I did 4, and round 3 I did 3, I think. Not to bad. :)

The slowness of my finish time was due to the deadlifts. Since I'm still in a learning phase with those, I'm not really gutting them out yet. I can't seem to dig deep and get one more, because I just end up rounding my back and that's just shit. So, slow and steady until my form is flawless, then I'll speed things up. 

Not sure how my runs were -- I need to run my own watch on those to keep a handle on whether or not I'm working up to my potential there.

Overall, good day.

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