Friday, December 25, 2009

Catch up post

Sat Dec 19 - Unscheduled rest day -- that's my new "PC" expression for taking a day off outside the "3 on, 1 off" prescription. :-p

Sun Dec 20 - Drove to sister's place, no workout.

Mon Dec 21 - Drove from sister's place to parents' place, no workout.

Tue Dec 22 - CF KoP @ home WOD for the freak December snowstorm.
For time:
Lunges (50R/50L)

Holy cow, this workout was really hard on the ass. My butt was still hurting on Thursday -- and that is saying something, because it takes a lot to make my lower body sore. I am even more convinced now that I need to work more lunges into my warmups and WODs.

Due to some very poor diet choices, I was very close to puking during this WOD, even though it still took me about 35 minutes, so I wasn't doing it at super-high intensity. The lunges were making me want to cry by the time I was doing 30 each leg. Craziness. I liked it!
Wed Dec 23 - CF KoP "Annie"
Results: 23:53

This WOD was a freakin' grind fest, but the important part is that it was my first unscaled lady WOD! Woot! After doing DU's a few days ago, I decided I had to make myself do DU's when the WOD at CF KoP was Annie.

If I hadn't gotten so frustrated during the set of 30 DU's my finish time probably would've been a lot closer to 20 minutes. Just another point of evidence to use to convince myself to calm the F down while I'm working out.

After Annie, we did shoulder press for 5-5-5-5-5. My results: 3 @ 75.

Husbeetle came along, which I was super excited about. And he loved it, which led to even more excitement. It makes me happy when we can enjoy working out together. And it justifies my obsession with CF KoP, because he now shares my opinion that it's the most awesome gym ever. :)
Thur Dec 24 - 5K
We felt like running on Christmas Eve, especially since our legs were still sore from all the lunges on Tuesday and needed to be loosened up, so off we went despite the snow everywhere. I didn't have any slips at all, but my pace definitely suffered since I had to walk over lots of nasty spots, especially crossing streets. It was fun to run up and down hills! We don't get to do that at Camp Swampy.

Results: 3.25 miles in 32:53, according to my Nike+ sensor
Fri Dec 25 - Rest day. Merry Christmas! :)

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