Friday, November 27, 2009

Ripping up my hands with Eva

Well, I have a new girl to add to my list over there in the sidebar. Our after-holiday workout today was "Eva".

5 rounds, for time, of:
  • 800m run
  • 30 kb swings (32k/24k)
  • 30 pullups
Results: 56:16 -- 16k kb, white band for pullups

This one was fun! I talked my husband into coming with me, and that was definitely motivating. And the CrossFit gods smiled down upon me, and I wasn't the last one to finish! One of the guys finished after me. If I had used a 24k kettlebell, that would've been me...

My runs felt AWESOME. I love to run, and I'm finally getting good at it again. I was very happy we ran out the front door and skipped the god-damn rocky driveway in the back of the building. Nothing pisses me off more than trying to run back there. It just throws off my focus.

My right hand started ripping open around pullup 20 of the 4th set, got worse during the 5th set, and the left hand opened up in the 20's of the 5th set. There are 150 total pullups in this WOD. Tough on the hands. I was pumped that I stuck with the white band the entire time, and didn't have to go down to the blue band. Woot!

Grace tomorrow if I wake up early enough!

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