Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Crossfit is better after naps

Husbeetle was off work early today, so we napped. Well-deserved since we woke up at 3:30 to get him out the door by 4 for his hike at 5. I even stayed awake after making him his eggs. Craziness!


Push jerk: 3-3-3-3-3 75% of max

Metcon: 5 rounds
  • 10 kettle swings (24k/16)
  • 7 tire jumps (jump in/jump out)
  • 5 pull ups

Push jerk: 65-85-95-95-105m-95-100m

Metcon: 9:43

OK, for the record, I know I did way to many sets of push jerks, plus I didn't do what I was supposed to do, with sticking with 75% of max. Oh well. :) Looks like 95 is definitely my 3RM on that movement, though, considering I missed 105 and 100.

I totally jacked up the metcon. I did 10 jumps in the tire instead of 7 - DOH! Up until round 5 when the guys that were finished started counting for me. When they yelled "2 more" after I finished 5, I realized what happened. Hilarious. :)

Pullups on the white band are awesome, I am flying up over the bar. But when I tried a "naked" kipping pullup during my warmup, I couldn't get up. I think it's time to get back into those dead hangs -- I haven't been strict about doing them recently. And also I should work on just my kipping swing without any bands -- I know the band inhibits the forward movement at the bottom of the kip.

Off to walk the dog for my final cooldown.

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