Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tabata Sunday

Yesterday was an unscheduled rest day. Husband's mom is visiting, and my gut it leaky. I keep getting frustrated that it doesn't get better, and when I get frustrated, I eat something non-Paleo. I know, I know -- counterproductive. I'm vowing to do better, for my own good, starting today.

Ran for about a mile as a warmup, and then I did some tabata.

Tabata squats (not bottom-to-bottom, just regular) were awesome today. Score of 130! Here's the breakdown from my last 3:

01/22/10: 17-15-14-12-13-13-14-13 = 111
02/14/10: 17-17-15-16-14-15-13-13 = 120
02/28/10: 17-17-17-17-16-16-15-15 = 130

Yes, I am supposed to be doing this two or three times a week in prep for my cert. Gotta get cracking. :)

Situps: 15-16-13-14-12-12-13-12 =107
Doubleunders: 19-7-3-11-3-5-3-6 = 57

Then, I cried. Seriously. I cried. Damn double unders. At least I was just in my own garage and only husband saw me...

Finally, pushups. Husband did these with me, which helped motivate me.

Pushups: 12-8-4-7-6-7-7-5 = 56

After round 3 I remembered to only try to do 2 at a time, so I didn't go to failure. Then things went better.

Time to shower up -- we're going down to St Augustine to see the light house on this beautiful sunny day. :-D

PS - I need an ab mat

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