Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dumbbells for CFFB

My gym programmed a CFFB WOD for today, so I did that on my own this afternoon while husband did his thing. That's about as close as husband and I get to working out together. :)
Complete 4 rounds:

Each round consists of 6 cycles of the following:
DB Hang Power Clean
DB Front Squat
DB Push Press
DB Lunge RT
DB Lunge LT

*Do not set the weight down during the 6 times through the cycle.
*Rest as needed between rounds.
*Go up in weight each round to perform the heaviest round possible.
Results: 25#, 27.5#, 30#, 32.5#

Our CF gym is inside a "globogym", so that's why I had access to weird dumbbell weights.

I probably could've pushed the weight a bit more, but honestly it's Saturday and I just didn't feel like it. :-D

And we also ran the mile to and from the gym. :)

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