Thursday, March 11, 2010


Well, I can check this one off my 1Q10 goal list now.

Today we tackled Helen, and I beat her down! Beat my old PR by over 3 minutes!

3 rounds for time:
400m run
21 kettlebell swings (24kg/16kg)
12 pullups
Results:  13:09

Runs were decent - it helped that I was at the back of the pack chasing a bunch of really fast people. Made me feel like I was going slow and couldn't slack off.

Swings were excellent -- all unbroken. Only thing I could change here would be to rest less, grab the bell and start swinging faster after completing the run.

Pullups were great. Even though I only got one set of 5, I was still putting at least 2 or 3 together, and only did a couple singles. Today I also instituted a new practice of mounting the bar by jumping from the ground. I feel like I use climbing up on the box as a way to waste time. Since I'm definitely tall enough to jump up to the bar, that is how I'll be getting up there from now on. I also think it helps my grip to grab with both hands at once, instead of one hand at a time like I do when I use the box.

Overall I'm really happy with this WOD!

One other note about goals -- I can check off the "1 unassisted ring dip" as well! After coaching the 0830 class, I was just messing around on the rings and did an unassisted dip! Hollah!

Also, tonight I wore my new shoes. Nike Lunar Trainers.
I got these as a shoe to wear when I run long distances, and as a transition shoe between the super-stabilizing shoes I wore previously, and my super-low-support shoes I have been wearing in the last few weeks.

To illustrate:

Nike Air Structure Triax
Equivalent of my New Balance shoes:

Enough talk about shoes -- time for a shower and a dinner date with my husband! :)

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