Wednesday, September 28, 2011

HPC goodness

The WOD today was very CrossFit Football-esque.

5 rounds:
5 hang power clean (185/135)
Sprint 50m
*rest 60 secs between rounds

Results: 8:35 @ 105#

I should've done this workout A LOT heavier. But I was gun shy due to my horrible performance on squat cleans the other day. After the WOD I did a few reps at 110 and 115 easily -- might even have been able to do 120 in the WOD.

Sometimes, like when I did a nice HPC at 115 this morning, I suddenly realize just how much I love weightlifting. Practicing it, observing others and talking about technique. This is something I could do for life -- now I just have to (continue to) figure out how to make that happen. :)

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