Monday, June 14, 2010

Quick metcon before work

I made the mistake of trying to do this metcon at the gym on base around 11:00 before I had to work at the pool at 11:30. It's a hassle to try to use a barbell in this gym *at all*, so overlapping with the lunch rush was just a total clusterfuck. Won't make the mistake again.

My time on this one was definitely impacted by having my bar location messed with while I was doing knees to elbows on the pullup bar around the corner. Who knew somebody was going to use that weird looking machine to do some kind of shoulder exercise. Or that there would be a mad rush for all the incline bench stations.

Not to mention I couldn't even do full ROM on the knees to elbows because the pullup bars are all mounted too close to the wall. Grabbing the bar facing away from the wall, when you flex your shoulders as you get your knees high, your upper back / shoulders scrape against the wall. BRILLIANT. This is what happens when you do real workouts at a gym on a Navy base where everybody is, A) on shore duty or B) works on a submarine. The Marines here have their own gym and pullup bars near their offices and barracks. Very smart of them. :)

Also, I had to squeeze myself between two machine-thingys to swing my kettlebell. Though at least they actually *have* those -- that is a plus.

Anyway, enough bitching. Here's the WOD.
3 rounds:
12 thrusters (75lbs/55)
12 kettle swings (24k/16)
12 knees to elbows
Results: 11:23, Rx

Yeah, pitiful. But hey, got my WOD in that day, so I was happy. :)

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