Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Showed up for this WOD at 6:30am in an attempt to get myself on a new schedule. It ended up being a bit of a clusterfuck.
5 rounds:
5 muscle ups
25 wall ball shots (20lb/14)
Results: I think I vaguely remember that this one was just shy of 30 minutes?

When I compare the past write up for this WOD (from February 2, 2010) to my hugely frustrating experience on this day, it really highlights how my mental focus is not there right now...

I don't have a muscle up, so I attempted to sub ring pullups and ring dips at first. I can't remember the number of reps I was subbing... 10 and 10 maybe? I had so much trouble with that substitution -- in other words, ring pullups in false grip were *not* happening -- that I ended up switching to subbing assisted muscle ups transitions and ring dips with the skinny band.

I tried to send all my signals of "I need to be left alone please" while doing this WOD, but I could not get a respite from that day's coach giving me lots and lots of feedback. No, I do not want to discuss MU progressions that will work best for me mid-WOD. No, I do not need you in my face the entire time I'm struggling with wall balls... Ugh. :( So I ended up just quasi melting down the entire WOD because I could not get my focus back. *sigh*

Needless to say I was practically spitting with anger and frustration by the time the last set of wall balls were being thrown. And just like in February, I was still thinking to myself, "why haven't I practiced and perfected these???". Gotta work these in as goat work after WODs, for sure...

Ugh, just a bad day overall...

I have since decided I would like to do progressions for a strict muscle up, rather than continuing trying to get a kipping muscle up. I think this will prevent injury, improve strength, promote my continued work on strict pullups and dips, and will also be less frustrating in the end because I'll expect the process to take a while. This is another reason I got my own set of rings for at home, since I'll start these progressions from the knees -- plenty of room for that under an 8 foot bar.

H/T to CrossFit Proper for the inspiration to go this route. I'd also like to invest in the book Building the Gymnastic Body (recommended by Robb Wolf) to further my knowledge of gymnastics progressions.

Strict Muscle up Progressions from charisse skye on Vimeo.

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