Thursday, February 23, 2012

100m sprints, Press 3RM

Great first weekday workout at CrossFit Rifles. Yay to having a CrossFit home!

Phase I: 100m sprints x 10

These sucked. My first one was beautiful, great form, heels pulling into my butt, no landing heavy on my heels. Then the oxygen deprivation kicked in. Sprints 7 and 8 were probably the worst. #10 I managed to get myself moving faster, and crossed the line at 23 seconds, I think. Not too bad! Also, it's great I didn't pull anything, that always seems to happen to me when I do sprints. Perhaps a nice side effect of marathon training? :)

Phase II: Choose a lift, 5x3, work up to a 3RM.

I partnered up with Jenny and we did press, since our legs felt like hell after sprinting. So why not choose the one lift where you don't have to do much with your legs? heh

5 @ 45
3 @ 55

Work sets:
3 @ 65
3 @ 70
3 @ 75
3 @ 80
32@ 85

Last time I tested 1RM on press, I got 90, so I was happy with getting to 85.

7 minutes of burpees with a 6 inch vertical jump coming on Saturday! Lungs/oxygen will definitely be the primary limiting factor, closely followed by arms/chest. I honestly might have to lay flat on the ground, roll over to my back, and get up that way after a few minutes. Whatever it takes to get it done! I am really glad that the Open is at the same time as my CrossFit "restart", it is really helping me get motivated to not only stay consistent with WODs, but also get my food choices cleaned up.

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