Thursday, October 6, 2011

5 Ton 5k

My friend Steph did this event in 2010, and I *loved* the idea. I immediately planned to join her for 2011, and I'm happy to say my plan worked out! It involved a plane ride and a few hours in the car but it was totally worth it!

It's exactly what it says in the name -- 5 tons of weight lifted and 5 kilometers of running.

In case you find that whiteboard hard to read (I know I did) here's a write-up of B Division / Women's Rx:
15 power cleans (95)
15 front squat (95)
15 deadlift (95)
1250m run
25 shoulder to overhead (75)
1250m run
10 power cleans (95)
10 front squat (95)
10 deadlift (95)
1250m run
15 shoulder to overhead (75)
1250m run

What I liked was that you had to load/unload the 10's between the weightlifting segments. Added a little touch of uniqueness.

My time was a very slow, but hard-earned, 47:01. Holy crap were the front squats hard! I felt like I was in slow motion on the way up.

Photographic evidence of how much these squats brutalized me. One of my best WOD face pictures! Love it! hehe

Some more pics.

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