Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Skin removal in 60 minutes or less!

Today's WOD
800m run

21-18-15-12-9-6-3 of

* body weight bench press
* pullups

800m run
My results:
  • 55:23
  • Bench - 65lbs for 21 and half of 18, then 55lbs
  • Pullups - used white band for assist up to set of 9, then switched to blue; skin ripped during set of 9
I just finished using my nail trimmer to remove two skin flaps that used to be attached to my palm. Lovely! Here's the result:

No to scare anyone off, you are certainly welcome to wear gloves or wrap your hands. It didn't happen until I had already done 66 pullups, which is a pretty high number for one workout. I did 96 total for the whole workout.

Thank God I have been getting better and better at the kipping motion for pullups. WOD's with high reps of pullups were usually occasions where I would almost start crying out of frustration in the past. Not even having bands to help was enough to get my chin up over the bar when I was just doing a dead-hang motion. Ugh.

PS - No, I don't wear my wedding ring while working out. That would really create some nasty side effects in terms of calluses and skin flaps. And the white stuff is chalk. :)

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