Monday, September 28, 2009

Performance anxiety?

So, right after announcing I will be tracking my workouts here, I took an entire week off. Whaaaaa?

It was pretty much caused by the husbeetle going to another base to shoot for the week, and my schedule/attitude being shot to hell due to being home alone. But still, kind of interesting timing in terms of starting up the new blog.

In any case, I did a quick run on Saturday night (3.3 miles, 32 minutes) to get my body moving, and then was back in the gym at 8:30 this morning.

Complete the following for time:
4 clean & jerks (155lbs/95)
4 power snatch (135lbs/85)
20 GHD sit ups
3 clean & jerks
3 power snatch
15 GHD sit ups
2 clean & jerks
2 power snatch
10 GHD sit ups
1 clean & jerk
1 power snatch
5 GHD sit ups

Results: 13:36 (95 C&J, 65 power snatch)

My biggest weakness right now is how out of breath I get. I have to rest and slow my breathing to be able to get the weight up. If I try a lift while I'm still huffing and puffing, I end up doing half the motion and then dumping the bar.

The power snatches were annoying. But that is the nature of the snatch. I much prefer one armed dumbbell snatches, I kick ass at those. The wide grip on the bar from the ground is just so damned awkward.

For cool down, we were supposed to work on something we suck at. I stuck with my usual routine of doing pull-ups. I'm kipping with the beige band right now. I've attempted to do an unassisted kipping pull-up, but no success yet. Maybe another month more.

Something I'd like to work on next, once I get pullups down, is band-assisted hand-stand pushups. This video takes a while to get to the band-assisted demo, but overall it has a ton of great info. I'm really weak on exercises that utilize the shoulder (overhead press, heavy push presses, overhead squats) and I think I would really benefit from working on the hand-stand pushups since they use those same muscles.

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  1. HSPU is one of my weakest movements. And honestly, now I think it comes down to me being a baby. Hubble "assits" me by touching my feet. Yet, if he's not there, I don't touch my head to the ground. WTF?