Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weightlifting practice

Went to my first weightlifting practice in a billion years. And I arrived late, per usual -- I just can't be on time for Saturday morning at 10am. heh

With the status of my back*, my plan was just to work my speed and bar path at light weights. Coach approved.

2 front squat + 3 back squat + 1 jerk behind the neck4 sets at 70%

I worked up to 65#. The back definitely got a lil "twingey" when I was squatting. Also, I hate jerking b.t.n. at light weights -- love it at heavy weights, though.

Power snatch - 2 reps
4 sets at 80%

Did full snatch, and slowly lowered the barbell through each of the positions to set back up for the 2nd snatch. Worked at 65#.

Power clean - 2 reps
3 sets at 80%

Full clean. Worked at 85#.

Get Strict - A
Did 3 sets of 10 strict pullups with the skinny band. They were still broken up: 6-2-2, 7-3, 6-2-2. I was pumped the second set I got 7. Can't wait to get all 10.

I skipped my assistance exercises. Booo on me for that.

I do feel like with these long sets I'm learning the way to fire my muscles at each point in the movement. For me the issue has always been the bottom. I am doing my best to eliminate using any "shoulder pop", and start from a true dead hang. Husband says a tiny pop is OK by Marine Corps standards -- so my ultimate goal will be to do 10 strict with no bands and maybe an itsy bitsy shoulder pop to get out of the hole. :)

Here's the deal with my back... It's not that I am in pain in my trouble spot. It's just that I can feel when I'm moving that muscle, in a way that's not normal. For example, if you "felt" your bicep flexing as you sipped from a glass of water, that would be weird. Well, I "feel" my Q.L. "flexing" as I squat, or lean over or put on my socks and shoes.

So while I have had any big "tweaks" -- that is my word for super excruciating muscle spasm things that were happening before I took a ton of rest -- after a few good workouts, I can "feel" my trouble spot.

It's so hard to know how to respond when coach is asking me "how's the back feeling".


  1. When I was in marathon training, I described my hip & knee issues the exact same way- I felt a "tweak". It didn't make sense to anyone else but it's the best word I could come up with. I wasn't in excruciating pain or anything (well, sometimes I was) but for the most part, it just felt OFF. I'm SOOOO glad you 1) are listening to your body b/c I did not and 2) know what "tweak" means too :)

  2. Well, being able to describe it really isn't totally necessary. What's important is that you're not overdoing it and ignoring something that is not normal!