Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fight Gone Bad 5, back squat & metcon

First, some responses to comments.

For weighted pullups, I put the dumbbell handle basically in my crotch, and lock my legs together. I think this is an advantage we females have over guys! :-p However, this will only work up to about 20-25 pounds, at which point you either need to use a weighted vest (this is on my list of equipment I want) or a weight belt that you can hang dumbbells, kettlebells or plates from. I think I'll be good to go using the dumbbells for quite a while. :)

If you want to get involved in a CrossFit event, but aren't quite ready for a competition, you should check out Fight Gone Bad 5. Even if you don't belong to an affiliate, get a group of local CrossFitters to do the workout together. Sara and her husband did this last year, bringing in a few friends, and raising money. This year the beneficiaries for FGB5 are the Wounder Warrior Project, LIVESTRONG and the CrossFit Foundation. I wish I could join Sara this year, but I'm already committed to doing the USMC Mud Run that same Saturday, which is a bummer. Next year, for sure.

I considered taking a rest day today to help ease myself back into working out, especially since I felt like I was going to die by the end of work yesterday. But I went this morning at 0830 anyway. We'll see how that decision plays out later today -- lifeguarding isn't super fun when the heat index is 110 degrees.
Strength: Back squat 5-5-5-5
Results: 95-105-115-115
I wasn't feelin' it this morning? You know some days you're amped up to lift heavy shit, and other days you're like 'MEH'. Today was a bit meh for me. And honestly, back squat is my *least* favorite rack position. I know most people hate the front squat rack because it's so awkward, but I love it. Maybe cause I'm good at it. :-p Either way, I got my squats done, so that was a positive. :)
Push press (75/55)
150m sprint
 Results: 10:46 Rx

Push presses were nice and quick, broke the first set at 16, second set at 10, and third set was unbroken.

Pushups were a hot freaking mess. Got them in really variable sets, no more than 5-6 in a row. These will probably continue to be a challenge for me. Side note: If you watch the final event of the CF Games, many of the top 16 ladies had to take breaks during the set of 30 pushups. That made me feel better about my pushups struggles.

Pumped the squats out unbroken in all 3 rounds.

The runs were decent, though I wouldn't call them "sprints". :)

Man, during the first round after the push presses my heart was racing so bad!! It was freaking me out! So I dialed back the intensity a bit, no need to F myself up. The virus is still affecting my respiratory system, and I'm sure other parts of my body, not to mention side effects from the meds I'm taking to deal with the symptoms. Damn Sudafed -- I hate how that stuff makes me feel, but it's nice not to have snot flowing out of your nose 24-7. :-p


  1. Good idea to back off on the intensity if you're feeling like that. No need to put yourself out of the game! Take it easy until you're well!

  2. Thanks for answering my question re: weighted pull-ups. Nice job on the workout!

    I signed up to take Level I cert on August 28th & 29th! I'm so excited and terrified at the same time!

  3. hey, have you done Angie yet? I don't see the stat on your sidebar so I thought I'd ask.

    I tried doing it today but ended up only doing 50 of each instead of 100. I broke a blister on my palm. UGH! SO ANNOYED! Not very happy with my "half Angie"...